We enable venture-backed founders and enterprise sales leaders to quickly gain the attention of their ideal clients, drive more meaningful commercial conversations, and see faster revenue success. 

Our proprietary framework, Authority That Sells™, lifts revenue performance by concentrating on just 3 core areas, which means significantly less time to achieve the desired results and fewer disruptions to business operations, sales efforts, and client engagements.

Authority That Sells™

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We jumpstart your team's revenue performance by identifying which of these 3 parts has gaps and then more tightly integrate these 3 parts to achieve optimal revenue results.


You are empowered to focus quickly and act decisively to drive more wins.  


Authority That Sells™ was created by Silvia S. Li, a 15-year veteran in B2B Large Enterprise selling and sales leadership.

The concepts that formulate the proprietary model were born out of Silvia's commitment to lower client acquisition costs for her clients while increasing their revenue, thus enabling companies to achieve smart, sustainable growth and expand their impact on those they are committed to serve.

Her ability to triangulate and perfect for her clients the 3 key parts of the revenue-generation equation in Authority That Sells™ has helped multiple companies reduce their sales cycle by more than 30% on average, increase SQLs by as much as 10x, decrease client acquisition costs by 20%+ on average, and add more than $80 million of viable opportunities to build their pipelines

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Let us take the guesswork out for you

We offer venture-backed founders and enterprise sales leaders a portfolio of consulting services and programs

to empower their teams to win more with Authority That Sells™.


Strategy That Converts

Strategy That Converts

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Conversations That Convert

Adult Education Course

Skills That Convert


Strategy That Converts

Process That Converts

Content That Converts

How aligned and committed are your team members
to your business and revenue growth goals?

Do you have the required ingredients for
healthy, sustainable, and repeatable growth?

Reviewing Reports at Desk


"Silvia had in one call identified exactly where our issues were. We were able to get a plan going within the same week."

Founder, Consumer Intelligence Business

“We brought on 3 new clients immediately after Silvia and her team helped our sellers more crisply communicate our offer to our prospective customers."

CEO at a $40 million analytics & data firm

“Altezza Advisory identified for us how our costs of gaining new customers were 3 times that of the industry average and showed us alternative sales strategies that would yield much higher ROI and set us on a path towards healthier growth and expansion."

VP of Strategy, Healthcare Solutions